Petitioners passionate about resale royalty

Artists have come out en masse to protect Australia’s resale royalty scheme which delivers multiple benefits to artists.

In just a few short weeks, more than 3,600 artists and art lovers have signed a petition set up by the National Association for the Visual Arts supporting the Resale Right for artists and urging the Arts Minister, to uphold the right “which will build a stronger and more professional creative sector in this country for decades to come”.

Ms Winikoff has sent the petition to Senator Brandis, urging him to consider the views of artists and meet with NAVA to discuss potential refinements to the scheme to improve it and create “a lasting legacy for artists”.

Petitioners made many impassioned comments about the scheme, notably:

Melbourne artist Samantha Everton: “As a practising artist, this is the only way for me to secure my financial future. It is the only way I’ll be able to fund myself upon retirement.”

Artist Maria Fernanda Cardosa: “It’s my work. I am an artist without superannuation.”

Gabrielle Sullivan: “I manage an Aboriginal art centre in the Western Desert. I have witnessed the benefits to the artists I work with from the scheme. I am aware of what the artists did not benefit from before the scheme was introduced.”

Mollie Hewitt: “The Resale Royalty is an essential ongoing income stream for creative practitioners in Western Australia. It ensures that artists and their families remain benefactors of their own successes and that this is rewarded financially. This is an essential source of income for a group of professionals who otherwise will often greatly struggle financially. This Resale Royalty also points to a more general, national recognition and appreciation for the contribution of artists to our society and culture, its removal would be a disgrace.”


One thought on “Petitioners passionate about resale royalty

  1. It is a small amount to pay back to the artist, the creator of the work. Hopefully it has has been enjoyed and valued, not simply as an investment but also as a form of patronage to the artists who’s work they have supported. It is not much to pay to be part of that.

    Anne Zahalka

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